Summet time part 2 – Abysse

When we reached Gorges De Loup we felt what is real heat wave. Lucky there was some wind on Deverse sector. It was place, where we were climbing. During first days I was trying many routes to learn tufa style climbing, which was new for me. Unfortunately many routes there are prepared so chipped holds and sika are not rare.

Route called Sika 2- all chipped. The hardest 8b I have ever done. A lot of jumps:). photo by Klaus Dell’Orto

Rest photo by Szymon Grzeszkowiak

After some routes I tried Abyss, which is beautiful, overhanging tufa route on the right part of the sector. Natural collonet made me love this route. Really cool climbing.

Abysse photo by Daniel Wieczorek

The first tries on the route were not bad, but I didn’t reach the top. The route took me a total of about 10-15 attempts. I didn’t count and do not want to lie. At the beginning, I was trying to find some rests with my knees, but finally the key to send the line was quick and confident climbing without long rests. Abyss can be divided into 2 parts. The first is much easier and more overhang. This is followed by a sequence of six more difficult moves, which leads to second part- one tufa, which must be tightly squeeze with legs, hands … whatever.:)

Szymon photo by alex

I was also 4 days in Verdon with Enzo. It was very cool to see new sectors. Here You see cave La Galetas and route called Spider Cochon 8a+/8b which I luckily onsighted. photo by Fred Oddo

Abysse photo by Romane Cecchi

sorry for mistakes and see You soon!

5 uwag

  1. A lot of mistakes😉 at least 3 in first lines😉

  2. MEEEGA gratki Byk!!! banan na gębie😉
    pozdr z HK

  3. the pot calling the kettle black

    1. Kto jak kto, ale Kadej może wystawić mi ocenę.😉 Przy okazji- ja nie po polsku. Pozdrowienia dla Dz teamu i . Błędy poprawie!

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